Thursday, October 23, 2008

My book is finally available and in stores now "From Lump to Laughter-The Story of Grace"

From Lump to Laughter - The Story of Grace

A Diagnosis|A Journey|A Ministry Born
The long awaited book is complete.
Order your copy online today at


"From Lump to Laughter," Connie Hill's remarkably honest journal, details her simultaneous battle with breast cancer and her reconnection to God. It is faith-filled without being preachy, informative without being dull and inspirational without being sappy. Well done!

Celia Rivenbark
syndicated humor columnist, author

“Had this information been available to me when my stepdaughter was diagnosed, I would have devoured this book and then been armed with the truth of what she was experiencing. I would have done more, understood more, known what to say, and most importantly, I would have prayed for her specific needs. Reading about Grace’s journey to a renewed faith in God and her empowerment through this ordeal is amazing.” Robin Lyon


“I don’t think a lot of people know what to say [to others with breast cancer], but reading your story made me very aware of the connection between people no matter what different circumstances we are going through at the time.” Hannah Gaerlan

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